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Yayasan Palan (The Palan Foundation) is a dedicated educational non-profit organization based in Malaysia. Established with a profound commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for underprivileged youth, our foundation endeavors to equip these young individuals with the necessary resources to overcome the persistent challenges of poverty.


At the heart of our operations is the conviction that quality education is the cornerstone of realizing human potential. We believe that organizations dedicated to serving marginalized communities can significantly amplify their impact with the appropriate resources and expertise.


Our core aim is to facilitate learning, performance, and impactful contributions for both individuals and organizations. We are committed to unlocking the potential within each learner and enhancing the efficacy of organizations dedicated to this cause.


The Palan Foundation is anchored in a commitment to meaningful, engaging, and enjoyable learning experiences. We uphold a strong ethos of inclusivity, ensuring that our programs are accessible to all. Furthermore, we foster an environment of entrepreneurial leadership, encouraging innovative and proactive solutions to educational challenges.

Board of Trustees:


Palan is the Pro-Chancellor of the University of Cyberjaya. He founded SMRT Holdings Berhad and Cyberjaya Education Berhad; both are publicly listed companies on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

An alumnus of the Harvard Business School, he completed his Ph.D. (Education) at the Federation University, Ballarat, Australia, besides pursuing other studies in India, the UK, and the USA. A former corporate management development trainer, he has authored over 20 books and numerous articles.


Kamu Palan started her career as a teacher in 1986 with the Ministry of Education and later as a corporate management development trainer before joining the board of SMRT Holdings Berhad for a few years. She pursued a NCC Diploma in Computers (1987) from the Systematic Computer Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; a Certificate in Training & Development (1992) from the Institute of Training & Development, U.K.; and a Diploma in Management (2003) from the Institute of Administrative Management, U.K.



Maha is the Group Managing Director at SMRT Holdings Berhad and Cyberjaya Education Berhad. He has a Masters in Financial Engineering from Imperial College London, and a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from the University of Manchester. He previously worked for British Petroleum and a prominent venture capital firm in London, United Kingdom.


Andy is currently the Managing Director of Nosairis Technologies Berhad, a technology firm and a subsidiary of SMRT Holdings Berhad, specializing in IoT. He has a bachelor's in applied mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley and he pursued a PhD in Computer Sciences at Stanford University

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