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Palan Foundation is now offering Scholarships for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) worth RM75,000. This Scholarship is part of the foundation’s initiative to assist qualified students from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their dreams. The Scholarships will be provided to individuals that are able to secure a seat for the MBBS programme with our partner university in Johor Bahru.


Malaysian student

SPTM/A-Level/Matriculation/ or UEC graduates. Must not have started MBBS in any university yet.

Meet MBBS entry requirements. 5B in SPM (or equivalent) Science subjects & BBB, ABC or AAC in 3 STPM (or equivalent) Science subjects

RM75,000 to be provided as tuition fee waiver (No repayment) for new studenst only (2018 intake)

Student must study at our partner universities. 2018 intake only

Students must be responsible for balance payment of fees (if any) to the selected university

About Our Partner Universities

Asia Metropolitan University (AMU) is a full-fledged university offering wide range of programmes. It focuses on producing trained, qualified, competent graduates for international markets in health sciences and various other disciplines.

Fully accredited MBBS (MQA/ MMC)

Full University status

Accredited by ASIC UK as a Premier University status


Fully equipped campus in Johor Bahru

Partner teaching hospitals all in same state

Low cost of living

The Foundation is also proud to be collaborating with Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences, 5-Star rated Malaysian a university with over a decade of educational excellence. The university offers more than 20 programmes in medicine, pharmacy, psychology, occupational safety & health , homeopathy and more.

About Palan Foundation

Yayasan Palan is an educational non-profit organisation with the goal of improving the educational attainment of young disadvantaged individuals. Registered in Malaysia, the foundation provides scholarship, grants and other forms of assistance in collaboration with our partners to empower communities.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
- Nelson Mandela -

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What are the requirements to qualify for this scholarship?
  • Applicant must be a Malaysian Citizen
  • Applicant meet the entry requirements for the MBBS programme - Minimum Bs in 5 SPM (or equivalent) Science subjects AND Minimum BBB, ABC or AAC in 3 STPM (or equivalent) Science subjects OR minimum 4B in 5 UEC Science subjects OR Minimum GPA 3.00 in 3 Foundation/Matriculation Science subjects
  • Applicant must not be a current medical student in any university. Only new applicants for 2018 intake will be considered.
  • Pass the interview session

Q : What is the minimum academic requirements?

STPM/ A-Level/ Foundation/ Matriculation and UEC students and meet the MBBS entry requirements. Minimum Bs in 5 SPM (or equivalent) Science subjects AND Minimum BBB, ABC or AAC in 3 STPM (or equivalent) Science subjects OR minimum 4B in 5 UEC Science subjects OR Minimum GPA 3.00 in 3 Foundation/Matriculation Science subjects

Q : Can students who are currently studying MBBS at any other colleges and universities apply?

No. The scholarship is open to new 2018 intake students only. It is a collaborative initiative, available to students who wish to study at our partner universities only.
However, students who did their A-Level or Foundation at other universities can apply.

Q : Will I be required to repay my scholarships?

No. However, it is the hope of the Palan Foundation that the scholarships recipient would remain in touch with the Foundation.

Q : Am I required to maintain a minimum standard of academic qualification?

Yes. The scholarships recipients are expected to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.00, failing which they may no longer be eligible
for the programme of study.

Q : How do I apply for the scholarship?

Click APPLY NOW below and you will be directed to a form for you to fill up and follow the instructions.

Q : Can students get financial aid from other institutions to pay the balance tuition fees?

Yes, students may apply to other financial aid provider such as PTPTN, MARA and JPA to pay the balance of tuition fee to the university.
However, you are required to notify Palan Foundation, the university and the financial aid office so the information can be used to calculate
the balance of your tuition fees.

Q : What are the universities you have partnered with?

The Foundation is currently partnering with Asia Metropolitan University (AMU) and Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences

Q : Can I select the university of choice?

No. The university placement and allocations of seats will be decided by the Foundation and its partners

Q : When does the application close?

Applications will be closed on 15th August 2018

Q : When does classes at the partner universities begin?

Classes at CUCMS will begin in September 2018 at the Cyberjaya campus and AMU in October 2018 at the Johor Bahru campus.

Q : Is there a bond?

No. You are free to pursue your career of choice upon graduation

Q : What about the balance of the tuition fees?

Students are responsible for the balance of the tuition fees. PTPTN assistance available for 50% of the fees and the university will
recommend to partner banks for financial assistance.